Grizzly Bear Conservation in Southwest BC – Thursday 7 April at NVIT

Dr. Susan Senger is a professional biologist working for Conservation Northwest who does research on grizzly bears and their habitat in southwest British Columbia.

Grizzly bear populations in southwest British Columbia are critically threatened and human-caused mortality is a leading factor affecting bear populations. This illustrated talk by bear researcher Sue Senger will describe the efforts being made by Conservation Northwest, First Nations, and other partners to improve bear management, develop habitat conservation strategies, and reduce human-bear conflicts. In the face of ever-changing issues like climate change, development, and human population growth, the sustainability of our environment includes keeping grizzly bears in healthy, functioning ecosystems.

Thursday 7 April 2011 at 7 PM in Room U001 at NVIT, Belshaw Road, Merritt.

Grizzly Bear in habitat typical of SW British Columbia (Photo: Dave Molenaar)

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