Workshop: Basics of Using a GPS – with Murphy Shewchuk. Saturday 21 April, 1 PM at NVIT, room U029

Using GPS (Global Positioning System) has become an essential skill in many fields of outdoor activities. This workshop will provide a hands-on introduction for people who have never used a GPS and a refresher for those whose GPS skills are rusty. The workshop will be led by Murphy Shewchuk – a well-known author of numerous outdoor travel and hiking guides and long-time GPS user. Topics covered will include the basics of setting up and using a hand-held GPS, setting and finding waypoints and some basic mapping.

The workshop is primarily aimed at Nicola Naturalist Society members involved with our Amphibian Monitoring Project, but is also free to all NNS members. Non-members can participate for a $10 donation. The workshop will begin at 1 PM with a classroom session at NVIT (Room U029) and continue with outdoor practical exercises. Bring your own GPS if you have one. The Amphibian Monitoring Project has 3 GPS units which will be available for those volunteers.


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