“Forestry in the Nicola Valley: Managing for Multiple Values” with Aline Lachapelle & Jenn Reid. Thursday Nov 15, 7 PM NVIT Theatre

Forestry is the biggest employer in the Merritt area and forest management has a big impact on ecosystems and wildlife populations. Aline Lachapelle (Aspen Planers) and Jenn Reid (BC Timber Sales) are involved in forest management in our region which strives to reach a balance between timber extraction and maintaining ecosystem and cultural values. Their presentation will outline the strategies and actions used to achieve these goals. They will talk about the referrals process, sustainable forest management certification, and professional reliance, as well as some challenges and associated opportunities for improvement.

Join us for a highly relevant and interactive discussion.

Forestry in the Merritt/Nicola region. Photos from the Willis Creek area showing management in beetle-kill areas and mature forest (Photos: Jenn Reid). The top left inset shows Aline Lachapelle explaining management of a sensitive wildlife area at a recent field trip to Lillooet (Photo: Alan Burger).

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