Nicola Naturalist Society – Winter events 2019/2020

Evening meetings of the Nicola Naturalist Society are held at 7PM in the Lecture Theatre of NVIT (Nicola Valley Institute of Technology) on Belshaw Road, Merritt. This fall our meetings will be on the third Wednesday of each month (instead of our usual Thursdays). Our evening meetings are free for members. We have awesome raffles.

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For insurance reasons, our field outings are restricted to our members (visitors can join membership-for-a-day). To join the Nicola Naturalist Society click here: Membership Page

Merritt Christmas Bird Count –  Sunday December 15th

You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate in Christmas Bird Counts. Participants spend all or part of the day in a group covering a specific section of the 22-km diameter count circle. It is a great way to get to know the local winter birds and contribute to the world’s longest-running citizen science project. For more details on the Merritt CBC keep checking this website or contact

To check out photos and species from the 2018 Merritt Christmas Bird count click here: Merritt 2018 CBC

Evening Grosbeak –  these attractive birds are sometimes found on the Merritt CBC. Photo: ©Bonny Kozub

Thursday January 16th, 7 PM at NVIT Lecture Theatre: Paul Mozin –  Bat Inventory in the Nicola Valley

Paul Mozin is a biologist with the Nicola Watershed Stewardship and Fisheries Authority (Scw’exmx Tribal Council). This group has undertaken an ambitious project to inventory and monitor the bat species in the Nicola Valley. Paul will be presenting the results from last year’s bat inventory, some background on endangered bat species in the Nicola Valley and some actions their group has taken this year. Come and learn more about these important but poorly understood citizens of the night.

Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) photographed in the Nicola Valley during an inventory program (Photo: Alan Burger). Inset: bat box in the Shakan IR (Photo: Paul Mozin)

Thursday February 20th, 7 PM at NVIT Lecture Theatre: TBA

Coming up in February – our popular “Snow Bunting Shiver Sunday” – probably Sunday 23rd February

Every year we venture up into the Douglas Lake Plateau to check out the winter birds there. Snow Buntings and Rough-legged Hawks are regular features and in some years we have encountered Sharp-tailed Grouse and Grey-crowned Rosy Finches. Guaranteed wonderful winter scenery in the high grasslands. Details to come.

Snow Buntings on the snowy Douglas Lake Plateau. These Arctic finches are regular winter visitors to our high grasslands. (Photo: © Alan Burger)

Wednesday March 11th, 7 PM at NVIT Lecture Theatre: Presentation on fossils or geology coordinated by the Kamloops Exploration Group (details to come)


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